the city’s financial system, the third Golden guard Qin Qin Lian Honest Cultural Week activities opened in May 20th. Municipal Committee and Secretary Ma Haiying, Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Committee, Wang Haihong, deputy director of Municipal People’s Congress Du Shupin and other leaders attended the opening ceremony.

according to reports, the "Golden Finance guards diligence song" the Culture Week activities, a cultural feast is not only the financial staff, but also the city’s financial system is an important measure to strengthen the construction of a clean government, since 2011 has been successfully held two sessions. This year, the municipal Party committee, municipal government, City Commission for Discipline Inspection under the leadership of the city’s financial system will put the construction and cultural construction, style construction combine to give full play to the guiding role of cohesion and cultural integrity, normative role, educational role, continue to explore the process of objective law construction, style construction, efforts in the whole system create a good fashion yasunao Jie chong. The culture week will be held during the economic development and people’s livelihood, financial reform, anti-corruption and other plate illustrated exhibition, and carry out financial elite speech activities, and invited the NPC deputies and CPPCC members, supervisors and other members of the Council of government ethics morals, comment on financial government ethics morals, and puts forward some opinions and suggestions. To the forum and watch the scene in the form of the city over the years financial achievements, financial review of government ethics morals, and hold the "wind cup" the first book in the East District of the clean government culture exhibition. Washington (reporter Xiao Yu)


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