Wide roads, unique high-quality residential, commercial buildings, bridges, row upon row of, pavilions, terraces and open halls stylish and elegant atmosphere of the city in the quiet charm. In recent years, the sea lake new area to "full of vitality of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau modernization and prosperity of the beautiful livable new city" as the positioning, highlighting the humanities green, environmental protection, scientific and technological characteristics. Up to now, has completed 7 billion 800 million yuan in fixed assets investment, accounting for an annual plan of 78%, an increase of 47.2%, the rapid development of the construction and development. 250 million investment to build infrastructure in the Lake District in the completion of the basic infrastructure skeleton network on the basis of the focus on open broken road, improve microcirculation branch, strengthen water, electricity, heating facilities layout construction, further improve the infrastructure, the implementation of the sea bridge, Kunlun road and other 8 projects, plans to invest 242 million yuan. At present, 250 million yuan of investment has been completed. At the same time, plans to invest 110 million yuan, for the 3 footbridge to start construction this year and 1 dealers across the Huangshui River Bridge, is currently in the process of pre clearance. High quality residential occupancy 60 thousand people this year, the new Lake area real estate new construction area of 1 million 760 thousand square meters, the total construction area of 6 million 338 thousand square meters, completed an investment of $3 billion 520 million. Continue to increase investment, to attract domestic and foreign well-known enterprises to participate in the new development and construction, there are new Hualian, Dalian Wanda, Ningxia for the 34 Real Estate Company in the Lake District, the development area 34, have built a garden, such as Salzburg, humanization, modern high quality residential area, in the population of approximately 60 thousand people. The Lake District Based on the business driven form 10 minute economic circle, with a diversified business and modern services cover all financial, commercial and business center as the goal, efforts to create "10 minute economic circle". Has introduced a new Hualian Plaza, Wanda Plaza, Qaidam Plaza and other urban complex projects. The new green supermarket 7000 square meters, 16000 square meters, Yong brother supermarket and farmers market 20000 square meters Haihong comprehensive supermarket. The formation of large commercial, small network integration, suitable for different levels of consumption of high, medium and low combination of a variety of commercial formats. Many financial institutions stationed in the business district of the successful introduction of Fortune Plaza, Sunshine Hotel, gold investment square, building, western mining headquarters economic projects, at the same time as the start green center, Qaidam square, completion of the new Hualian Wan Da complex, commercial complexes and other commercial projects, Chinese bank, rural commercial bank, Qinghai bank, industrial bank and other financial institutions have also entered the business with business and Finance Office accumulation conditions, the central business district and business headquarters to take shape.  

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