"Mermaid" at the box office has exceeded the "catch", a new record of Chinese film critics, but also because of money, but also Public opinions are divergent. There are foreign media reports, the mermaid into a restricted film. Then. What do you think of the mermaid as a limit?

"Mermaid" at the box office is over 2 billion, according to the laws of the past, a film box office potential, to the late fermentation mainly depends on related topics. Unfortunately, "Mermaid" at the box office over "old gun" is a foregone conclusion, but the "chewy" is the topic of viscous, far behind the "old gun", if the "Mermaid" is no more chewing the gum chewing to taste, and finally finish points is only Zhang Yuqi.

In fact, even if the

These are

at dolphin for sustenance after the film into the feelings of petty cinema recommendation

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