youth entrepreneurship started the most difficult, in order to help young people to carry out entrepreneurship. Beijing youth voice held a new youth entrepreneurship school activities, so far, there have been nearly a thousand young entrepreneurs here harvest more entrepreneurial knowledge.

"youth voice · Beijing business alliance responsible comrades introduced the project background, the leaders and the speaker, the" new youth entrepreneurship school monthly invited Dfj DragonFund fund executive partner and chairman, angel 100 vice chairman, Beijing Institute of Technology Education Foundation and a member of the investment committee chairman Qu Jingdong as a teacher, Xiong Zhuo awarded the "youth voice · to the Beijing business alliance;" – "new youth entrepreneurship instructors" letter of appointment.

his message to encourage youth: "do poineering work more attractive, can let oneself fully release energy, create their own unimaginable achievement. At the same time, can not give yourself too much ‘burden’, containing the entrepreneurial environment is getting better and better, to start a business as a way of life, with a positive and optimistic attitude to face the problems encountered in the business. Life is a process of success and failure are summed up in the future, to be in the moment through experience continues to mature and powerful, facing various challenges, in order to obtain greater progress in the future and recommended

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