now, a variety of brands of home textiles has been a lot of consumers in the market’s favorite, in fact, the choice of entrepreneurship brand home textile stores is a good choice for investors. There are a lot of people who choose to do this kind of business in the market. How can we get more room for development in the competition?

many stores are very focused on brand textile shop image, especially some of the details of the work are often ignored. The owner of a account, the clerk a account, the manufacturer a account. The end of the month when the owner according to the actual receipt and the actual freight ledger reconciliation with the manufacturers, and paid in, transportation, sales and actual inventory with the clerk of reconciliation, everything can be clear at a glance.

for brand textile store sales staff, if do not understand customer needs, complete sales performance is good or bad luck, visible nature. Because we encounter customers every day, all kinds of what kind of have to rely on their insight into the understanding of progress, in order to be based on the sales industry.

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