we know, shop location is the most important, if you want to shop, you have to give yourself a good store to find a location, which is the premise of your successful shop. What are the location techniques? This problem makes a lot of entrepreneurs feel headache, Xiaobian for everyone today to support a few strokes to help you set up shop success!

is very simple, with your competitors, a certain area in its location near the site.

some formats are complementary in management, service content, you can set up shop next to it, bring a complete one-stop service for customers.

For example,

and as in the tourist attractions nearby, you can open a restaurant, photo gallery, photo shop, convenience store. Mobile phone charging services, souvenir shops, etc..

three skills: a type of shop location location

if you have strong communication ability or have some connections, which can be closely linked to the company formed a strategic partnership with your business, not only the location cost less, and site security.

in our shop before, we must first understand some location, shop location techniques can help us to find a more suitable shop location, shop location is no longer a problem! The above shop location skills, you must now learn to open shop.


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