women as women’s rights campaigners, has been in various fields actively help women development. Changchun women build a platform to help women entrepreneurs, successful entrepreneurs has to support more than self employment, bring more jobs.

"to participate in the contest Changchun tea city, can be said to be a turning point in my life." The day before, watching his "one ou · Fuyuan tea" opened in women’s employment and entrepreneurship incubator Gifford international tea shop, that will be very feeling. As the tea art contest "best Popularity Award winner, will jointly support the women’s Federation in the city and the Gifford international tea city, get a free rental shop business support.

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2014, Gifford was included in the "international city women’s Federation Changchun women’s employment base" and "Changchun women training base", in 2015 was listed as the city women’s employment and entrepreneurship incubator. Up to now, has been to support the 9 entrepreneurs, successful hatching enterprise 4, direct employment of more than 10 people.

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