what would you do if you had 100 dollars? How much money do you earn? Graduate Jian Weiwen in this regard, made a surprising answer, he earned 600 million yuan, this is a staggering number! Can you believe it?

rich track

1990 received a die for making "blank contract", exhausting all the net worth of 100 yuan, bought some drawings and drawing tools, began to design mold. This business has earned 10 thousand yuan, won the first pot of gold, a million households".

can play many Christmas Song of the Christmas bell, after repeated exploration and understanding the debugging principle and process scheme of Christmas bell ringing tone, seeing the business will make it stuck in their way, "Christmas bells" business losses of hundreds of thousands.

History: one hundred yuan for the first gold

1983 in June, Jian Weiwen obtained a bachelor’s degree in engineering stress processing in South China University of Technology, and then entered the Guangdong Institute of machinery, to become an assistant engineer. In 1985, once again returned to his alma mater graduate, after graduating in 1988, to Dongguan to help a Hong Kong company culture

can get a "blank contract", thanks to Jian Weiwen in Technology Innovation Research Institute as an assistant engineer at "". "Because the contract relates to die, only I know design inside," Jane Wei said, "but how much does it cost to do it, I don’t know, because I have not opened a factory. Based on this, coupled with my personal trust, the other party to open such a ‘blank contract’. >

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