want to give children a better growth environment, so that they can grow up healthy and happy, also need to let them have a more healthy and environmentally friendly bedding. As parents all know that children need a good, healthy and comfortable living environment, in which it is not difficult to think of children’s bed is one of the important factors. Fresh air, sunny space, comfortable, warm bed for children, will give the child to create an ideal, comfortable living space for children to grow up happily. Many parents to pick a good point to their children’s children’s bed effort is not ideal, here, I have to do reference for you as parents of the owners listed the following ten major brand ranking children bed.

children’s bed top ten list of NO.1: good kids – Dragons ha ha

group is a professional children’s products R & D, manufacturing and sales of enterprise groups. Products include baby carriages, bicycles, tricycles, electric vehicles, walkers, baby car seat, bed, chair, children clothing, diapers, feeding utensils, appliances, security appliances, stadium chairs, children’s basketball more than a dozen categories, thousands of varieties. Well known in China, is China’s first brand of children’s products, China’s well-known trademarks.

children bed ten brands list NO.2: ForU ForU

Shanghai Jie daily products Co. Ltd. is a professional operation of baby sleep products R & D, design, production, sales, planning, service in one company, the existing brand "ForU Foru", "the first station", with Italy’s top brand baby English Inglesina general agent in China right. With the advantages of Shanghai, Beijing and other international metropolis information platform, has formed a brand management as the core of the company’s architecture. The children’s wooden product series is quite good.

‘s bed ten brands list: NO.3 quanu

Chengdu quanu Furniture Co. Ltd. is located in Chengdu City, Chongzhou Yang Ma Industrial Zone, Chinese is one of the largest R & D, production and sales of large-scale furniture enterprises. The company has a sound scientific research center and a strong design and development capabilities, adhere to the people-oriented, creating green residential " " design concept, the introduction of Germany and Italy a full set of large-scale first-class equipment, the use of advanced ERP information management system and management thought, to ensure that the friends of the whole furniture constantly innovation, leading furniture the trend. The children bed series in addition to many styles, in the environmental quality is guaranteed.

‘s bed ten brands list: NO.4

small dinosaur

Kunshan children’s products Co. Ltd. > small dinosaur

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