since it is fast food business, naturally need to determine the kitchen area. However, many entrepreneurs now even the kitchen area should be mostly unclear. So, fast food kitchen design is reasonable? Kitchen is a place to cook three meals a day, is one of the important areas of the food and beverage industry. As a necessary part of the fast food restaurant, how should we determine the kitchen area is the most reasonable?

according to information: fast food kitchen area to determine the general method of two.

first, according to the fast food restaurant or dining area to determine the specific area ratio between them. Kitchen accounted for about 21% of the total area of the store. The proportion of each area of the store: 50 of the restaurant, the practical facilities of the kitchen, kitchen, warehouse 10, cleaning the place of 6.5, staff facilities, office of the 2, 3, 21. The proportion of each section of the restaurant should have a certain degree of elasticity.

two is the number of fast food restaurants as a parameter to determine. In this way, the larger the size of the meal, the smaller the kitchen area per person is. This is mainly because of the small kitchen, such as the aisle and the area is not likely to scale down too small. The average number of meals for each meal kitchen kitchen area of 100 people, a total of 0.697 square meters, a total of about 0.48 square meters, a total of 250 square meters, a total of about 0.46 square meters.

a suitable kitchen area, for the fast-food business will have a very big help. So, if you want to succeed in the operation of a fast food restaurant, so that their entrepreneurial success of the operation, it is necessary to choose the kitchen area to invest more energy. So, with the introduction of the above small series, as entrepreneurs if you want to choose the kitchen area, you will choose what kind of area?

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