small business project is in the business of compulsory slightly small business, a good project will be successful for small business, has the advantages of small business project is small investment, small risk, low cost. Here and look at the following small business projects. A hundred-percent motorcycle enthusiasts

23 year old British girl Rebecca launched the UK’s first personalized newspaper "you report" Co. ltd.. In this "private newspaper", the newspaper is no longer published in other newspapers on the shoulders of social morality of traditional news, but purely personal news. Customers can not only name and other personal information published in the newspaper, but also personal news stories, photos on the front page headlines. In addition to Christmas, birthday celebration and other common themes, more young people love the content is funny. This is more attractive than the civilian reality show to attract young people, ordinary people to help achieve the star dream way has been favored by more and more young people. At present, the company is able to print ten thousand copies of the customer’s weekly newspaper, the monthly turnover of up to $45000.

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