handmade jewelry is a lot of people like jewelry, investment in a handmade jewelry shop, site selection is very flexible, the operation is relatively simple, suitable for small business. How to open a handmade jewelry store? This is also placed in front of entrepreneurs in a problem, today we support a few strokes.

If a manual embroidery shop, on the one hand to sell their production of embroidery, on the other hand you can also open a embroidery club, find some simple tricks for girls to study, collect the appropriate fee.

the budget of the investment:

marketing recommendations:

1. noted that embroidery varieties not too single, there should be a variety of trees, flowers, and form the myriad people, animal and so on, and is guaranteed with thread stitch traced, a riot of colours reliable quality, quality first;

2. pay attention to after-sales service. For example, the customer for a long time because of embroidery problems, to help them free repair; when I was browsing the shop in the embroidery of the customers, marketers can tell customers how to maintain the embroidery and how to select suitable to the contented embroidery embroidery shop reflected little knowledge, humanity;

3. can open up club activities, etc.. Pottery, knot in the domestic popular model is worth learning.


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