is now a variety of college students entrepreneurial incentives are constantly coming out, so that many college graduates have embarked on the entrepreneurial path. Especially in the graduation season, under the tide of innovation and entrepreneurship, in the Ministry of education, the Education Commission and the continued release of entrepreneurship policy, many college students choose to start their own business. However, an interesting phenomenon is that China’s college students tend to focus on the business of the food and beverage industry, the United States, like the United States as the Silicon Valley high-tech enterprises is still very small.

college students are still faced with a variety of practical difficulties, such as financing difficulties, less experience, tax burden and so on, resulting in high failure rate of college students entrepreneurship. So, in the end the community should not encourage college students to start a business? Why do Chinese college students have few successful cases in the field of high technology?

low threshold entrepreneurial college students preferred

comprehensive college students in recent years, the report is not difficult to see the case, many students will be locked in the field of entrepreneurship in the catering industry. In this regard, Xiong Bingqi, vice president of the Institute of education and Tsinghua University in twenty-first Century, Dr. Yi, founder of science and technology in an interview with the China Science News reporter, said in an interview: the threshold of the food industry is low in the. As no money, no pulse, no experience of the typical "three noes" business groups, students choose the catering industry entrepreneurship is understandable.

venture threshold is relatively low in the food and beverage industry is easy to carry out activities in the field of College students." In Sun Lei view, high-tech field of entrepreneurship, technology, capital and other requirements are high, not suitable for college students.

according to Sun Lei’s previous experience, there are also a number of masters and doctoral students trying to use the laboratory in the laboratory to master the technology to set up the company. But this type of entrepreneurial success rate is not high. Entrepreneurship in the field of high-tech needs many years of accumulation, including human resources, management and so on, in these areas are relatively lack of College students".

no innovation, no venture

data show that the United States has about 20% of college graduates choose entrepreneurship, many of whom are Bill ·, Gates, and other successful people, such as Silicon Valley entrepreneurs gathered in. Start a high proportion of this is due to environmental factors or due to personal ability?

Xiong Bingqi believes that the external environmental factors, such as financial support, policy guidance and so on in China in recent years have made great progress, but our students did not like the United States Silicon Valley high tech venture tide that or with the college students innovation ability is weak on.

"we can see now venture capital, angel investment and so on social capital is still relatively abundant. To some extent, college students entrepreneurial team

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