as the saying goes, gehangrugeshan, now a lot of people’s eyes are aimed at the development of women’s brand in the industry, but there are a lot of people need to pay attention to something, some is not very understanding, so we need to continue to explore.

A, women’s affiliate products:



2, women joined the price in how you choose the values in

competitive advantage?

3, women joined product integrity and continuity? Look at a few years ago and after a season of


4, clear positioning of


5, women joined the product quality and price gap between


6, or choose some different style ladies joined Brand Company study

two, manufacturer:

credit?How to


operating strength?

4, the current women’s shop operations, and sales policy especially how to close with your city

shop?How to


6, service support is more or only a little, for the novice’s chances of success have great differences. The education and training is essential for modern business management procedures, the only way to improve the quality of employees, there is no way at least to be very clear about how to improve their performance and customer service.

2, the first purchase is good, too many goods do not blindly into

3, choose the direction of further efforts, you must know what you want? What the market needs


4, more ways to prepare, remember: everything has a solution of 3 or more


5, the funds to be fully, this is the success of the necessary backing

6, start to do the best season in the season before

7, the date of opening on Friday six or seven, or during the


8, project partners and sales partners to choose


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