property market has been a hot topic of concern to the people. Today Xiaobian continue to bring the relevant information on the property market, it is worth mentioning that, Wuhan’s commercial housing turnover high, let us look at the following.

Central Branch of

China Index Research Institute of the Wuhan real estate market monitoring data show that after the centralized supply early last week (May 9th – May 15th), the Wuhan property market without additional supply phenomenon, at the same time, the market volume rebounded, last week turnover of 7574 housing units, an increase of 442 units, closing an area of 762 thousand and 900 square meters, an increase of 6.20%.

in Suzhou, Nanjing and other second tier property market frequently transferred to upgrade the purchase of the occasion, the policy side of the Wuhan market is still maintaining loose momentum, which also makes the overall transaction fiery. Since April, pushing the market to the rate of 80% on average, the sun disc It is often seen. Only last week to monitor the two projects opened, a total of more than 400 sets of push plate, the overall rate to about 65%, down slightly compared with the earlier.

last week, 7574 sets of commercial housing turnover, average daily turnover jumped to more than a thousand sets, which accounted for the main city of the total amount of 66%, which also shows that the market is still hot. Regional perspective, last week, 1168 sets of Hongshan District turnover, turnover rose to the first place, followed by Hanyang District, traded a total of 854 units, while the East Lake high tech (600133, stock it) area last week, significantly reduced turnover, turnover of only 708 sets. In addition, the new city of Jiangxia District, the highest sales turnover of 680 sets. The three regions are also the last two years, the highest volume of Wuhan in the region of the three, due to the supply is more adequate, a high proportion of foreign buyers, sales also maintain the momentum.


transaction type from the point of view, the continuation of popular momentum at the same time in the residential market, commercial property in general, housing turnover of 6836 units at the same time, the office business turnover of 466 sets, 229 sets of transactions, although a slight increase, but compared with residential far.

from the National Bureau of statistics released in April 70 large and medium-sized city new commercial housing price index, with first-tier cities purchase fever, the volume decline, but the price is still high, an increase of up to 63.4% in Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hefei, Xiamen and other second tier hot city land price and house price gainers, Nanjing rose 22.4%, relatively speaking, the Wuhan housing prices rose in 9.6%, lower than the first tier and second tier hot city, market research believe that the purchase of a new round of regulation in the short term will not spread to the Wuhan market.

in the face of the property market in Wuhan crazy turnover, what do you think? For now, the property market in Wuhan on the one hand shows the rapid development of Wuhan’s economy, driven by the development of the property market. In the future, Wuhan City, the property market will be a recommendation

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