2015 is the first year of micro operators, all kinds of masks settled in the field of micro business, to start a new market for the battle". In the micro business mask market this year, who will become the first sales? Worth looking forward to. Here inventory of micro business dark horse mask brand, these masks are likely to be elected.

TOP  1: "Invincible Eastern" innovation –

classic baiqueling

2014, Chinese first national brand also followed the trend of 100, settled in micro business, investment 1 billion, micro business customized products off the market quickly,


TOP  2: "sister in a circle" glamorous – Han beam

has not well-known brands in the business of micro channel, Han beam as a benchmark, micro operators continue to establish a standard guide. With the strength of the TV advertising program title, take the "circle of a sister of the


TOP  3: "fashion angel" free rebirth – CHAREAN Jia Lan

2014, "German Mestizo" — Jia Lan was born, with its "Chinese first deep-sea biological membrane material" and quickly occupied the market, the quality of the products won the praise of many people in the industry, becoming the 2015 micro business is worthy of the name of the dark horse! Billions of dollars of investment TV ads quickly occupied the screen, covering nearly 1 billion people


2015, CHAREAN good LAN has "brand endorsement" and "increase efforts to put the plan into the TV" and other travel, is not difficult to see that the micro business war has started a comprehensive CHAREAN Jia Lan, the momentum can not be underestimated  


TOP  4: "legend days" beautiful still – after Han

Han that micro business will be the mainstream of the future, and the massive presence of micro business, is bound to bring a new trend, attracted more big add micro business, open up a new world.

TOP  5: "Lotus" tenderness hit – Recommended

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