Since the reform and opening to the outside world, China’s economic development has made great achievements, especially in the areas of

. However, with the acceleration of economic globalization, the innovation of economic system is inevitable. This time, the State Council approved the relevant reform program, marking the full implementation of the reform and innovation in Sichuan officially entered the implementation phase of the trial. The highly anticipated test area, what is the life? The following and small series of specific understanding.

a red line runs through Sichuan’s three years of trial

2015 in August 28th, the office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the "overall plan" on promoting comprehensive reform and innovation in the test part of the regional system, Sichuan has become one of the 8 comprehensive reform test area, is also one of the 4 provincial administrative regions.

was once again in the point of taking the historical responsibility of the national test, Sichuan is by no means accidental. A halo behind history.

Party’s eighteen report, to ensure that by 2020 to achieve the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way. The ten plenary session of the provincial Party committee proposed that the province will be implemented, including innovation driven development strategy, including the "top three development strategies", and strive to promote the "two leap" across the board of directors of the three". Subsequently, Sichuan grasp a new round of technological revolution and industrial change trends, and take a solid step closely related to innovation and development:

2013 in June, the provincial government in the country took the lead in the introduction of "on the implementation of innovation driven development strategy to enhance the transformation and development of Sichuan new power (310328, fund it) views";

2014 in May, the provincial Party committee, the provincial government issued the "innovation and innovation of science and technology personnel incentive special reform program," proposed to explore the establishment of career oriented, driven by the interests of both the new incentive mechanism;

2015 in May, the provincial government issued "on promoting public entrepreneurship, innovation opinion";

…… Drums like dense Sichuan footsteps, and the rhythm of countries agree without prior without previous consultation.

2015 in June 1st, Sichuan submitted to the country to build a comprehensive national innovation reform pilot area.

does not rely on comprehensive innovation into the Sichuan one project

in June 24th this year, the Sichuan system to promote comprehensive innovation and reform pilot program approved, marking the province’s comprehensive innovation and reform pilot officially entered the implementation phase. But the various regions, various fields, various levels of innovation and practice, has long been surging in the land of Sichuan.

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