said the food and beverage catering business, what is the essence of real food and beverage business? Perhaps we all know, and perhaps do not know. The essence is to make money, but the real meaning is you love your brand, it is your duty to bring happiness and satisfaction of consumers, this is the most important, which is a manifestation of the artisan spirit.

and Hot pot recipe using the Quran, franchise category novel and other advantages, according to market research headquarters for many years, the north and south of the tastes of consumers demand for comprehensive improvement, the introduction of a variety of special taste, and love, and all ages, so that every consumer can have unique taste buds experience here., and eat a hundred tire. Then, the initial fee how many stars? The following small for everyone to do a detailed analysis of the specific costs.

and Quran join cost:

The cooperation mode:


1, the whole type: the first from the site to shop, until the normal operation, investors do not assume any risk, fully managed by the headquarters, and reserve training personnel. Within the agreed time to the investor’s store has been very popular, laying the foundation for future earnings.

2, occupation type: business and partnership good shop headquarters Xingyue Koran, use of resources to provide investors, the headquarters of the elite team responsible for the daily operations. Risk sharing, reasonable division of income, profit is guaranteed.

3, self-service: headquarters is responsible for assist investors to complete all open issues, with good brand effect Hot pot and the Koran, the standard mode of operation, remote, smart kitchen, without technical training, independent investment shop investors can profit exclusive.


joined the Quran and

1, new support: Xingyue headquarters technical team, it will be for you to continuously convey the characteristics of products, improve product quality and technology upgrade. What you think is what we’ve done, what you don’t think we’re doing.

2, analysis support: huge operating team in real time for you to give advice and suggestions, the reasonable diagnosis for your business, the first time to provide you with business plan and sales strategy.

3, training support: headquarters for the free and the stores to provide management and technical training, distance training support allows you to constantly improve themselves and improve performance.

4 support: tracking and publicity publicity company planning department, your shop to where the Koran headquarter’s propaganda and where do, network coverage, WeChat.

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