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the society to make the law of the jungle, harmless little rabbit, only the continuous progress, there will be tomorrow!

it as early as 2004, Wang Shi had openly said, "the wolf and the rabbit, I believe that 90% of entrepreneurs choose when the wolf, but I definitely choose a rabbit. Why? Although the wolf is more aggressive, but the rabbit is not weak. As long as you run fast, rabbits can live. I choose a very vigorous rabbit, if old, not run, it will be eliminated. In turn, because the wolf track rabbit, so that the rabbit to alert, not neglect. From the chain, of course, is the wolf chasing a rabbit, but the rabbit runs fast as long as can live. From the results, the first extinction must be predators, even if the human does not exist, the rabbit will survive".

170000 to the fastest herbivores, Vanke actually so many years has undergone great changes, Vanke is no longer the industry recognized that only good scale replication products, vanke. In recent years, Vanke product development as the core, take the market demand as the guidance, suddenly, Vanke became the product, be the most changeful, no longer confined to the city garden series, golden series, similar to seven miles, Shanghai Xishan, Chengdu Xiling, even in Hangzhou Vanke Liangzhu Culture Village Construction of community culture it has also done the rhythmical. Vanke through the years of practice, has been doing what like what, in the end product series of the original high price still doing high-end products also done well.

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