eat barbecue also want to eat delicious, eat healthy. Although the living conditions are good, but a lot of natural resources are depleted, the deterioration of the social environment, these are the costs of economic growth. Because health is threatened, people are eager to seek what can bring us health. With the improvement of living standards, people income increases, more and more people enjoy the delicious seafood barbecue, barbecue seafood, such as shrimp, oysters, Scallop in Shell, and so on, now you go to the barbecue, you can barbecue seafood stalls everywhere, diners prefer, because the taste is good, the operator’s preference, seafood barbecue higher profits. So open a seafood barbecue franchise is still good, then how much seafood barbecue join it?

How much do you need for

seafood barbecue? What projects can be given to investors to support?

seafood barbecue not only a wide range of products, to meet the different needs of consumers, business seafood barbecue with a small investment, high flexibility, the characteristics of fast money, by a lot of entrepreneurs of all ages, only need to join the seafood barbecue million yuan to invest, it belongs to the small business project.

seafood barbecue shop to join the innovation process makes the surface of the meat, do water and tasty. At the same time, through the effective components of muscle tissue penetrate the muscle tissue gap, while playing a role in the formation of the succulent layer. Does not shrink, large size, low fat, full product, attractive color. Do meat, compact bone, tender, crisp and thorough.

seafood barbecue join the cost of a few million. Do not join the high fee, so that many franchisees can join the money to make a good.

After joining

, the company will join the franchisee to join the following support:

1, site support

company will provide professional site selection and evaluation of the franchisee, with the franchisee to the specific market environment for research and planning.

2, training support

company has many years of management experience in the food and beverage industry, with a complete training system, a unified training for students, to ensure the unity of the franchise stores and headquarters.

3, marketing planning support

Brand management team of

company for each franchise of decoration design drawings, construction planning, guidance, business promotion planning, design, holiday promotion publicity design, effectively ensure the store business is hot.

4, technical research and development support


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