is now the probability of college graduates choose to venture the road is about 10%, which means that there may be 10 graduates in the self-employed, the boss of the 1". The wind was still strong entrepreneurial let art words continue to improve, the delivery of fresh force for economic development.

left hand right hand of youth, the dream. A passenger rooted fertile land, Zhejiang Wanli University students have to seize the "entrepreneurial outlet", with the pace of measurement of entrepreneurs from solid, resorted to a "business practice manual" books.

90 overbearing President

eyes that were talking, claiming to be "teenager" 21 year old college student Li Guanwen, with hand-painted POP training mode of operation, to a teenager "overbearing president" status, in charge of thousands of output value of venture project.

2013 in September, the tour of Beijing Li Guanwen met two professionals, and co founded the Deano hand-painted POP training studio. "We have painted POP classes, interest classes, network college class five types of classes in more than and 20 provinces and cities nationwide, the national total of about four million students, and established long-term cooperative relations with 160 enterprises." Li Xiang bent and smiled.

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