contacts are slowly accumulated, the cause is slowly get up, in the boom of innovation and entrepreneurship, a lot of entrepreneurs run too fast, affecting the long-term development of the company or brand. IKEA entrepreneurs to start empty-handed personal assets of $48 billion 100 million, is steady.


personal total assets of up to   481  Kamprad    billion dollars; is now one of the richest people in the world start empty-handed entrepreneurs.

Although the

Kamprad    1926  born in southern sweden. He was only   5  start selling matches to earn money, at the age of   10  when they live in a neighborhood near the bicycle in selling all kinds of Christmas decorations, and pencil fish.

Kamprad  German grandmother is a fanatical follower of Hitler. Influenced by her, Kamprad , who took part in a Nazi youth movement in his youth. This thing was what he called "      the biggest mistake in life;   and let him have a brood on even in the later wrote, requesting his employees forgiveness.

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