for the entire commercial market, the implementation of the new "advertising law" for the development of the market will have a very big influence. As one of the merchants, will naturally be considerable impact. So, the new "advertising law" the revision and implementation of the retail households, what impact? As a fierce competition in the retail shop, the new "advertising law" how to change the view? And what attitude? In the face of difficult and serious problems, in the current situation, how do we retail cigarette sales and promote cigarettes? Here is a look at the following several retail households on the new "advertising law" the implementation of the views and feelings, please open your heart to talk about it!

Shandong retail households Xu boss

shop for so many years, and say a word, I feel the new "advertising law," the implementation of the smoke for our hotel boss is a good thing. For the prohibition of mass media and public places to publish tobacco advertising we can imagine. Today, there are a lot of poles, roadside trees are posted everywhere advertising paper, if tobacco is also done, then the paper is not flying on the sky.

The implementation of the new

"advertising law", for us today to open the smoke Hotel retail households, there is no abuse, the impact is not great. Customers generally do not look at advertising and choose a cigarette, the majority of customers are to come to the store, listen to the recommendation and guidance of our owners to buy cigarettes. There is no direct impact on the sale of cigarettes to our owners.

since the release of the new "advertisement law", I also changed their traditional business model, that is the cigarette brand began to learn cultural knowledge, cultural knowledge with cigarette brands to customers recommend cigarette, cigarette brand culture knowledge as the key recommendation of the cigarette. This recommendation is not only to make the customer feel the professionalism of our owner but also to enable customers to understand our proficiency in each cigarette brand culture. I feel that this method is worth learning. We might as well try to look at the operation.

Wuhan retail households Hu boss

I shop for nearly 15 years, for the implementation of the new "advertising law", I raise both hands in favor of. Because of the new "advertising law" and the fact that a people, for the sake of the masses. The main emphasis is on the mass media can not do publicity in public places, not for their own interests and deceive people. In addition, the new "advertising law" also stressed that children can not act as spokesmen". The new "advertising law" amendment, you can see that the government departments of the people’s health more attention, as a retail household, we really have no reason not to implement.

my shop is open in the rural streets, often encountered in the village of old acquaintances, every time they come to the store to buy cigarettes, always like to sit >

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