To understand the situation of

operators, followed the trend of development is the real significance of the successful development, this applies to all industries, the eternal.

take the restaurant also, at present, WeChat public appeal to the catering business has been far more than micro-blog, most food companies have layout WeChat from the media, its position as an important operation of fans, the rapid spread of WeChat circle of friends, the public number, for the restaurant brand promotion activities, marketing activities, service.

so, those well-known restaurant brand is how to layout WeChat from the media today, we come together to analyze the following four food brand WeChat from media strategy!


KFC WeChat public number is positioned to provide KFC coupons, the latest product and event information, mainly to provide users with online coupons, online access to the latest event information and online booking services. The user through the custom menu "coupons" can fully understand the latest KFC coupons, membership benefits and recent activities related information; at the same time provide "self-service" menu, users can enjoy the WeChat buffet meal, service and so on; in addition, the Kentucky "WOW member" opened up membership service, membership information query, inside a on Tuesday, gold exchange membership and membership interests are closely related, as shown below.

for ordinary consumers, the public is concerned about the catering business to a large extent, in order to understand the latest information about the food and beverage business activities. KFC seize this demand, regularly provide a variety of coupons and promotions, and constantly stimulate the user’s desire to buy. The user is also very simple to use coupons, only need to advance in the WeChat public number coupons section to receive the corresponding coupons, before consumption with the phone to produce the coupon can be.

2 volt hall

volt hall is a typical representative of the domestic Internet food and beverage brands, for WeChat’s operations from the media poured a lot of energy, done very well. They not only created a service number barberry church reservation number, but also run a subscription number barberry church". Two micro signal positioning is different, the barberry church ordering, "as the" online ordering, brand promotion and membership management ", from" menus "and" individual center "and" menu story "three blocks, as shown below.

(1): the main menus provide V delivery, group meal delivery service, users can choose online payment, meal, query ordering schedule.

(2) personal Center: to provide users with consumer records and related store information query services.

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