In fact,

business in rural areas there are many things that need attention, at the same time, choice in rural areas of entrepreneurial projects is a very important thing, the following Xiaobian recommend several suitable for rural entrepreneurship project.


some people from the market close to home sellers easier or more strong labor. They sell themselves to the market. General transport of goods in rural areas is a big problem. The surrounding farmers will have come to the sellers, a popular gathering on the market began to perk up. Growing households. Comparative dispersion. Each situation is different. Some growers home from the market to the market far, not willing to sell. Some growers traffic inconvenience, the village is not easy. Children and people working in the field, the old man home sellers is not convenient and so on, this is not the only one.

This project has used

. Small electronic pounds plus all ancillary facilities will not invest more than twenty thousand yuan. To market sellers, buy three, five wheel agricultural vehicles, 20 tons of cars are generally should be weighed. To 5 yuan each weighing fee calculation, a day 80 to 100 vehicles, the daily income 400–500 yuan. If the acquisition period of one month, the total revenue of 12000 yuan –15000 yuan, the acquisition period can reach two months, net of fees, based on recommendation

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