college students to return to the countryside is not a new thing, for them, the rural market competition pressure is small, the market is broad, very suitable for college students entrepreneurship. Following this small business network to introduce a rural ordinary girl back to rural entrepreneurial story, hope to help the majority of entrepreneurs.

2005 in September, Bo Rui carrying the hope of the whole family, entered the University, but also became the only family of College students. In the planning of parents, bu Rui should stay in the city after graduation, to find a decent, stable work, farewell to the countryside. However, the university has not graduated from Bu Rui to return to the countryside, go on the road of entrepreneurship. />

2009 in March, regardless of the strong opposition of parents and relatives, embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, the choice of the project is tofu". The initial stage of the difficult, for the female college students have not yet graduated is a great challenge, all things are not to be pro. A boy carrying more than and 100 pounds of bean curd, have some difficulty, bu Rui every day to carry dozens of plate. Get up at 3 every morning, and then go to the morning after Chutan, sales and research, to run the market, looking for the site. The first day, every day in the morning with the moon, the moon with the moon.

2011 years, bu Rui investment 1 million 500 thousand yuan, built a standardized bean products factory, covers an area of 4000 square meters. In 2012, the establishment of the Jilin province Chang Rui Food Co. Ltd., and registered the "Bu Jia" brand, the same year won the Jilin Provincial Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision issued by the "national industrial products production license", won the national QS quality certification. Since its establishment, the cumulative settlement of the rural surplus labor force of more than 50 people, the average annual income of 40 thousand yuan per worker.

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