home business become a recent period of time at all levels of government has been calling for the slogan, hoping to leave more migrant workers during the Spring Festival to participate in home construction, and find suitable for their own business development road in front of the house.

for migrant workers brothers, employment is not only related to their livelihood, but also the relationship between their dignity. In the context of the times, the public business innovation, encourage and guide more migrant workers returning home for business, not only help to alleviate the overcrowding due to a part of metropolis brought the "city disease", to avoid the "elderly" and "left-behind children" problem. It can be said, to encourage the return of migrant workers entrepreneurship, promote social harmony and civilization is undoubtedly a dose of medicine".

broad farmer friend has so many qualities. They love labour, willing to endure hardship, we believe that as long as they can provide opportunities for them to build a platform, not only, there will be more and more migrant workers friends the corresponding government called on the home business, and they will make a difference in the venture on the road.

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