is now in the social life, there are many people in the business at the same time, dry cleaners, dry cleaners in the business, may not have hot seasons a year business, do business, there is a peak seasons, how to realize the marketing in the off-season?

A, dry cleaning franchise Zixun internal management summary and information management

dry cleaning franchise

after season all day, dry cleaning franchise Oration off-season we first let my work life, relax, sum up the past days, let the good retention, lack of local to lack.

1, suitable for dry cleaning franchise Zixun off-season business schedule, customers can send clothing rules and make a suitable summer work schedule, so that employees have to rest, work is done. (a reference plan phone consulting)

2, the organization staff to find the right time for employees to play outside, so it can enhance employees and staff between the staff and the boss of the affinity, but also reflect the information of the dry cleaning boss employee care and humanized management, can change the relationship between good boss and employee is more a more harmonious relationship harmony.

3, the maintenance of equipment and maintenance, after a long period (the season), but also the use of equipment to conduct a comprehensive (dry bottom box, joining Zixun machine oil-water separator, condenser, heat coil, duct, filter; steam generator circuit and furnace heating tube and a series of equipment maintenance) and maintenance, so can prolong the service life of the equipment, improve equipment efficiency, and can effectively reduce production costs.

4, enhance industry knowledge, understand the industry dynamics: with the aggravation of competition and complexity of the fabric, the market demand for the dry cleaning laundry quality information is also more and more high, improve the technical staff of the laundry is required for the situation, it is especially important for technical training. It’s a good time to learn to improve. After systematic training, will undoubtedly enhance the overall strength of the laundry, naturally improve competitiveness.

for the employees themselves will have important significance. While there are people off-season exchange experience and time in the industry, allowing personnel and in time, special technology can also learn some industries (darn, scouring, dyeing, leather goods, etc.) and laundry services to enhance market competitiveness.

5, improve the image of the store, in the off-season time could improve the look of their own store, store health need thorough cleaning, renovation of the re decoration, need to install equipment equipment to improve the storefront, prepared for the competition in the market next year.

1, combined with the characteristics of laundry dry cleaning franchise consulting industry marketing, according to the characteristics of the summer and the nearby residents consumption habits make a recommendation

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