yesterday afternoon, Hangzhou city launched a specially designed for women entrepreneurs service public welfare projects, "Etran Hui multi-creation space formally, provides a reliable partner for the support of the Yangtze River Delta region of female entrepreneurs.

in response to the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" appeal, Hangzhou city women’s Federation and Hangzhou Junpin Technology Co., Ltd. jointly launched the creation of a "Etran hui".

"difference between female entrepreneurship and men is that women should take the family," Etran Hui "can provide a lot of resources for women entrepreneurs, greatly reduce the start-up costs, save time for female entrepreneurs to take care of the family." Zhao Chunli said.

"Etran Hui" as the concern and support women entrepreneurship public projects, and strive for female entrepreneurs help teamwise create opportunities, this has been the Hangzhou women’s Federation support and affirmation.

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