now, with the increasing pressure of work, many young people have started to open a clothing store, shop need to purchase, but how to purchase cheaper? Let’s look at it together!

many businesses do not know enough about the purchase channels, the purchase is always a relatively high price. So how do you get a low stock purchase channels which? If you know these, take the goods will not be too much restrictions, the clothing business will not be reduced.

How to get the

clothing store purchase price? This is the garment industry, and the introduction of which a skirt; other industries as usual with commodity item can see this way in accordance with the experiment. Directly to get the manufacturers of ex factory price is lower than the price; but this is not absolute, but also depends on your luck, eyesight and endurance, but also with a fortune; as the saying goes, three points, seven points of luck by technology.

this is a marketing channel governance problem; product manufacturers the most important circulation to the hands of users are the following: 1, factory direct sales; 2, the regional general agent; 3, the regional distribution; 4, the region’s total generation and distribution, regional distribution; 5 + distribution; 6, franchise; 7. Monopoly concession.

how to get the purchase price? Whether it is what kind of channels, manufacturers must protect their own interests, to protect their products in the market price is very low, there are more sales channels to sell their products. So the manufacturer’s wholesale and retail prices of publicly as usually than reality to channel high price, so the personality collocation, to protect the interests of dealers, the dealers to obtain a good profit, dealers will not give up the product.


above is small as we summarized on how to get the purchase price, Xiaobian remind, a penny goods sale. We all know, don’t settle on the price, but quality is hard to avoid The loss outweighs the gain..

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