Since the reform and opening to the outside world, the economy has been greatly developed in many areas of our country since the reform and opening up of

. But many inland areas, the economic development of the situation is still worrying! Faced with such a situation, the government is actively taking measures at the same time, some local cities are also actively extended a helping hand. The day before, the 2016 annual "Guangzhou Education Fund" to subsidize poor teachers, poor students and reward excellent teachers project has been officially launched in Dazhou city.

this year, the project total issued capital of 464 thousand yuan, respectively for "rural family economic difficulties teachers funded project", "rural compulsory education school teachers’ outstanding contribution award" and "ordinary high school students family economic difficulties".

Dazhou City Education Foundation awards have places to each county (city, district) and the city directly under the school, the county after the preliminary examination, in July 12th before reporting to the Municipal Education Fund, on the review, in July 25th before reporting to the provincial education foundation, step by step application. For the widespread acceptance of social supervision, the City Education Foundation announced a complaint call (0818-2386782).

it is reported that this year is the Guangzhou student aid program in the implementation of the Dazhou third years, the first time this year launched a family economic difficulties ordinary high school students funded projects. The project is funded by the Sichuan provincial education foundation to arrange special funds by the city, county (city, district) branch of the Bureau of education.

according to statistics, the Guangzhou Student Scholarship Fund Project "in Dazhou city a total subsidy funds 1 million 465 thousand yuan, total funding of rural family economic difficulties of 127 teachers, aiding needy students in ordinary high school 73 people, Rural Compulsory Education Award 342 outstanding teachers.

teaching is the foundation of the nation, only the quality of education, in order to cultivate high-quality talent, in order to stand in the world’s national forest. Guangzhou use of grant funds to help the poor in Dazhou City, on the one hand, can effectively solve the problem of Dazhou local education lags behind, on the other hand can also help more poor students to fulfill their dream of learning!

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