to say good baking shop in the brand a lot, which is a good benefit. Cake stores are not single, without waiting for the meal, you can eat, not afraid to grow fat. Delicious cake to the media, to advocate green, allow consumers to taste the happy good time, allow the franchisee to lead the new fashion of wealth, and the headquarters of road escort for you! So, can certainly join Haoliland? Join, here is the most detailed detailed procedure.

cake can join? What conditions do you want to meet? Look at the following small series to introduce you to

cake franchise:

1, a person who has the capacity to independently assume civil liability or an independent legal person.

2, with brand awareness, have a long-term vision of development, have the appropriate investment ability and risk awareness. 3

3, the brand has a certain understanding of Haoliland join, understand and agree to the franchise headquarters hollyland management model and business philosophy of fashion.

4, have certain food or other industry management experience, have strong brand management consciousness, have common development confidence.

5, has a good reputation and goodwill in the local, with a willingness to cooperate, cake shop franchisee to personally participate in management, cooperate with timely feedback of market information.

6, according to the application to set up a special shop to buy the area and area, requiring the monopoly operators have a certain amount of capital and liquidity.

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