in modern society, the food and beverage industry market competition is very intense, many at the time when people enter the restaurant consumption is not only the concern of dishes, also pay more attention to the decoration style.

to be issued by the national standard "classification and evaluation of" Turist Hotel star (hereinafter referred to as the "national standard") to make new provisions of the lobby of public area scores, the total score is 8 points. The public lobby area does not include any business area, such as: the total service desk, shopping malls, business center, lobby bar, cafe, etc.. The specific standard for evaluation for public office area: not less than 1.2m2/ or less than 400m2 rooms, 8 rooms; not less than 1.0m2/ or less than 350m2, 6 points; not less than 0.8m2/ or 300m2 rooms, 4 rooms; not less than 0.6m2/ or less than 250m2, not 2 points; less than 150m2, 1 points. Compared with the old standard, the new standard to relax the requirements of the area, which reflects the national tourism management departments to encourage the design of wine from the business point of view.

again, to streamline the reasonable.

wine channel two is a streamline, streamline service, channel staff refers to the backcourt wine; the other is a guest to enter the wine line, guests arrive through the area in front of the line. In the design, we should strictly distinguish the two kinds of flow lines, and avoid the intersection of the flow line and the service line. Streamline chaos will not only increase the difficulty of management, but also affect the atmosphere of the reception area.

actually affect a good hotel style decoration for the health of a business is still very large, while many people recommend

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