is now a popular era of entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship among people is a particularly important aspect, now local banks have begun to adapt to public entrepreneurship, innovation slogan, introduced a lot of entrepreneurship for financial services.

innovative financing products, inclusive Small and micro businesses

for Small and micro businesses and effectively solve the problem of financing difficulties, financing expensive, ICBC Jiangsu branch through the deepening of cooperation between government and bank, launched a series of innovative products, will support the work of Small and micro businesses do "real" do fine "".

6 16, ICBC Jiangsu branch office of finance innovation the United Provinces launched to help public service business, the highly innovative small and micro business loans". Compared with other small products, the product has a large scale (target credit scale up to 50 billion yuan), wide audience (and more loans to small Guanghui Small and micro businesses), low cost (comprehensive financing cost is not higher than 6%) and high efficiency (from the effective to apply for loans of not more than 7 working days) advantage and meet the Small and micro businesses "short, frequent, fast production capital requirements. A product launch, popular, just over a month, Nanjing, Wuxi, Nantong, Yangzhou, Suqian five pilot branches have been issued in place of "small and micro business loans 54 million yuan, benefiting 28 Small and micro businesses and 5 individual entrepreneurs.

"financial service credit" is another support Small and micro businesses financing products of ICBC Jiangsu branch of the provincial finance department, the provincial development and Reform Commission launched the innovative development of the province, directed to support modern service industry Small and micro businesses grow. At present, ICBC Nanjing branch has settled in Nanjing on the South Tianhuan Valley Chang frozen goods wholesale market operating the Department of non-staple food Xiao River margin payment service property loan 1 million yuan, in a timely manner to meet the enterprise cooperation for city center market, colleges and universities in Nanjing, the chain supermarket purchase frozen pig non-staple food demand for funds.

in addition, need to adapt to the development of Internet banking, ICBC Jiangsu branch for small and micro businesses launched Yi agricultural consumer company procurement card, financial e purchase network yidaicredit card, business card, Yi loan series of small and micro businesses, Yi loan card. Such products rely on big data, without collateral and collateral, with the brush with the loan, real-time use, and can be used within the line of credit within the enterprise, without repeated submission of applications. To the end of 7, the bank has signed a series of small and micro companies Yi loan products merchant 641, the cumulative loan of $1 billion 85 million.

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