Chinese fast food market share there is obvious to people all the fast food industry, catering to Chinese fast food market prospects naturally without small multiradiatus, everyone should own, then the selected project is a headache to choose what is good? Xiao Bian recommended for you to hurry Chinese fast food.

rush Catering Management Co., Ltd. is a supermarket style business as the main chain of Chinese fast food enterprises, after the establishment of the company in line with the spirit of continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence, with a simple and elegant dining environment.

high quality and stable dishes, fast and high quality service to win the praise of customers, to win the market, leading the new trend in Yiwu and the surrounding areas of food, food and beverage industry in Yiwu has become a great example.

hurried off in " all are for the market, for all the customers, the difficulties for themselves, convenient way to the guests " business philosophy deeply implement people-oriented management approach, as in the past the company will make unremitting efforts to serve the vast number of consumers.

rush to join conditions

franchisees have engaged in Chinese fast food business and management enthusiasm, confidence and strength

has a considerable understanding of the franchise and personnel

management, coordination and social skills

franchisees and their relatives good health

join the behavior of those who joined the family recognition and support

has the full funds to open a franchise, RMB 170-200 million

recognition of the headquarters of the business philosophy, recognition and acceptance of the headquarters to join the conditions, subject to management

fast food fast food franchise to support

1, market analysis guide

to join the new customers, the company will send professional sales personnel on-site investigation District, store location evaluation, market competition environment, consumer groups, the prospects for the development of a series of feasibility analysis, to ensure the successful brand into the market.

2, unified image design

company will be sent to the engineering design personnel for the franchise, the image of the container, the display of products and props to form a complete visual identity system, providing standardized P0P, posters, brochures, etc..

3, training support

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