the current supermarket big market has a lot of brands, which is invisible to the major brands to bring more problems. If you want the supermarket business is hot, must learn a coup, because every coup will bring considerable economic income, if the lack of these ideas, then it will have a negative impact on the supermarket supermarket. Therefore, we should continue to accumulate and learning, each a small coup will win big gains.

free peeling art

every spring, my supermarket sells pineapple. Those pineapples have brought me a lot of money in the supermarket, and I have sold it as a pleasure. Many people do not understand why I would sell pineapple, so they ask me, I don’t really have what good way, only after the customer bought a pineapple, peeled free for him.

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pineapple is very delicious, but peeling and not easy to live, without special tools, is indeed very difficult to take the skin cut. So, in order to let customers can buy back to eat, I was free for the customer to peel. I really attracted a lot of customers, one day, I have to sell forty or fifty. To see such a situation, it was said to me, since customers are like to buy cut off the skin of pineapple, why not peel the pineapple after the sale? In that case, not sell more. Listen to his words, I beg to differ.

because pineapple is a fresh fruit, if the skin is cut ahead will affect the freshness. Furthermore, if I will direct the peeled pineapple selling customers, although not less money, but in the customer view, and his shop is equivalent to the exchange, they did not account for what is cheap, natural heart will not rejoice. However, the customer bought no peeling wave behind, between him and the owner of the transaction has been completed, as to help him peel that is the extra thing. To enjoy free peeling treatment, the customer will have a heart for cheap feeling, so the heart will naturally feel happy.

customers a joy, naturally to my store to buy goods more times. For the owner, what can be more important than the customer’s delight? Free of peeling, not only to win a good market of pineapple, but also led to other commodities, to some extent, this is really the thing to shoot two hawks with one arrow!

lantern wins good earnings


summer, hot weather, many customers have chosen night shopping. In view of this situation, I adjusted the sales strategy. My location in a relatively secluded area, night lights is not very bright, but has a lot of pedestrians on the road at night, I often hear people complain that street lights are not bright, so I just made the lamp.

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