to buy goods, you have not had a contradiction with the boss, I think a lot of people’s answer is yes, I have not only had such an experience, but also often listen to friends tucao. Received a telephone in the city to learn a friend told me yesterday, and almost a retail store couples fight, friends talking about the afternoon experience also could not help but angrily scold this shop owner wicked couple.


story is actually very simple, in order to facilitate the friend, in the school near the store to buy a dozen silk stockings, was in the store business is the boss of the couple’s son, returned home only to find the socks of the poor quality, just put on the damage occurred, the afternoon after school, and several students together with the rest did not wear socks to find each other exchange.

The beginning of an

, a retail store two couples do not recognize their own shop goods, friends say the characteristics when buying socks to sell their socks boy, the other had to admit their own children to sell goods, but not to change, the friend will say when your children open again exchange, said to take the goods to go out, a retail store female shopkeeper told the friend, the packaging is used, as long as they store the goods to replace.

know, the friend returned to school with back to the shop when a package, but the boss back to replace the friend, had to run back and forth twice on a stomach heat, hot weather, hot sweat back to the shop, but the other was on fire promise and then deny in succession, friends, loudly asked each other, what you this is not meant to play with me? The weather is so hot, playing is fun? Want to play today to accompany you to play, these socks are also changed for today, do not have to change, otherwise we do not finish.


in front of the shop soon attracted a lot of crowd, more unexpected is the shop men who actually want to do evil addition, attracted onlookers discontent, you say you say me accused the couple, the shop to do business, do not take this deceptive, since the quality is not good and promise get after packing to replace, cannot fail to keep faith, do not give change, as a man and a woman but also the other hands, do a little bit too overbearing, to give people a change, so the impact of your own business and reputation.

see more and more people around, the female boss is under pressure to put her husband back to the shop, the need to change the socks out and gave the friend to apologize after the solution has to be done.

friends say this thing, although the case, but also to our retail households sounded the alarm, shop business, every day to interact with a variety of people. The art is not to be underestimated. A good way of communication, every word and action so inspiring, customers happy shopping, the easy sale, it is easy to achieve double.

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