many small business projects should pay attention to the more ah, although the venture capital is not much, but there are a lot of business impossible to guard against traps, must be treated with caution, because in recent years the entrepreneurial trap is really more and more sophisticated, liar technology is everyone unexpected! In this kind of situation, the author we list a few well worth attention that some small business sectors, the investment is most likely to naught.

often expose readers call by a processing project, planting project cheat. And they are reflected in the entry threshold is low, small investment projects that can improve the success rate. This is a psychological fact that many scam is aimed at entrepreneurs, money is really implemented. We collected 7 categories of small projects easily deceived, I hope to help you.

1 of ancient coins: some ancient coins of advertising that can become rich, according to their data collection of ancient coins, ancient coins and then sent to the market to sell, can become a millionaire, this is a trap filled with flowers, in fact is not true. Throughout the country, there are few ancient coins in the market for the acquisition of ancient coins. Even if the acquisition, there is no information on the subject of such a high price.

2 associated processing: some manufacturers in the newspaper published the so-called free feeding, seeking associate processing gloves or clothing advertising, said as long as the purchase of their processing machinery, pay the deposit after free material processing, the manufacturer is responsible for recycling, you can get high processing fees. This is not true, when you buy their mechanical, material processing of finished products to pay a deposit, the manufacturer will reject the unqualified, or manufacturers moved to different places, so that you lose everything disappear without a trace.

3 electrical assembly: through various newspapers and letters of advertising, such as telephone alarm, energy saving lamp, writing pen radio advertising, advertising said that as long as the deposit, you can free the material assembly, recycling products, let you get rich the assembling fee. This kind of advertising is suspicious. When you pay the deposit material assembly of finished products to the advertisers, often in the assembly is not qualified for rejection, to deceive you thousands of yuan deposit.

4 medicinal materials of high recovery: many people with the XX Institute of medicine, XX medicinal field signs, for the sale of seeds and seedlings, some varieties of price decline in advertising wanton boast: one is some on the environment and cultivation techniques have strict requirements of varieties, are said to the North South safe, easy to manage; another under the banner of "joint venture", "recycling" under the guise of a lie.


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