there will be a lot of migrant workers, migrant workers to go out to work very hard, a year down can not earn much money, can not take care of their families, many places are encouraging migrant workers return home employment entrepreneurship. The day before the introduction of the "Guiyang to promote the return of migrant workers employment policies and measures" clearly, this year the city will guide 32 thousand and 300 migrant workers employment.

"measures" pointed out that this year, the city will focus on supporting migrant workers entrepreneurial small boss not less than 1000, above the level of new business incubator 4; 2016 to 2020, every year 30 thousand migrant workers employment guide, encourage and support the 4000 rural labor entrepreneurship, which attracted 2500 people home business, support migrant workers the boss is not less than 1000 households, more entrepreneurial willingness and ability of migrant workers, migrant workers to achieve business success to attract more local transfer employment.

specific implementation, I will rely on big data industry development, industrial park construction, agricultural demonstration park construction, encourage key projects and key projects give priority to the use of rural labor transfer and employment, the nearest local employment expansion; strengthen entrepreneurial projects and accelerate the construction of promotion, collection, business incubators to increase entrepreneurship training support efforts to enhance the entrepreneurial level, helping to support the implementation of the policy to guide and encourage entrepreneurship, promote entrepreneurship employment; implement skills to enhance the quality of planning, co-ordination to carry out the training of rural labor, strengthen rural youth labor occupation education, implement the "sunshine project" "rain plan" of various types of rural innovation demonstration project of special training, stable employment.


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