convenience store franchise profit? Open a convenience store to make money? Now the convenience store more and more close to people’s life, so what’s the convenience store profit? Open a convenience store to make money? The following network ( Xiaobian to introduce you to the convenience store business, to tell you the convenience store franchise profit how to let you know, open a convenience store to make money!? interested friends may wish to look at the reference


with the change of economic development and people’s life style, currently there have been two new types of consumer: a kind of pursuit of entertainment and enjoyment, "night life", with the habits of young people aged 12-25, single family, young students, night workers, called the group; one is forced to fast the pace of life and the habit of shopping or shopping need to fast, occupation women in family, old people and travel emergency crowd, called the second groups. Convenience store profit how many residents of the community or units in the vicinity of 24 hours of convenience stores just cater to their consumer needs. Open a convenience store to make money for the majority of entrepreneurs who want to start, investment convenience store is a good choice.

market is far from saturated

according to international practice, the basic conditions for survival convenience stores is the per capita income of $3000. Convenience store profit? China’s population of more than 5 million of the first tier cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other second tier cities, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Wuxi, Hangzhou, the per capita GDP were more than $3000. Open a convenience store to make money, that is to say, the city not only has a large-scale development of convenience stores, economic conditions, and the market space is very large.

from the convenience store development rules, every 3000 people need a convenience store. How about the convenience store profit? Urban population of 8 million in Beijing, Beijing at least 2000 convenience stores, according to the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce statistics, at present Beijing convenience store is more than and 300, so calculate down an average of more than 20 thousand per person with a convenience store. It can be said, Beijing convenience store market is not saturated, there is still much room for development.

The rapid expansion of the

convenience store in Shanghai has created the illusion that the size of the more than 4 thousand and 500 has made Shanghai an average of about 3800 people with a convenience store, and Japan and the United States average. How about the convenience store profit? However, fierce competition next door to each other to the convenience store in Shanghai is now in dilemma and losses across the board, will make money into a convenience store "burn".

convenience store in Shanghai almost all losses." How about the convenience store profit? A insiders told reporters, this is not what secret in the industry, the current loss of investment losses and non operating losses, if you stop the opening of new stores, there is no problem of losses. Open a convenience store to make money?

industry analysts said, first of all, with China’s per capita income and accelerate the pace of life, we are generally optimistic about the 24 hour chain convenience store, which is a new retail

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