Nanjing house prices all the way up, but Nanjing people are still buying. However, in the face of continuous growth in housing prices, Nanjing how to deal with it? The following and small together with a specific understanding of Nanjing in the introduction of some major measures to control prices.

previously, Nanjing house prices have been rising for 13 consecutive months, a variety of "grab CD" "Day CD" also came into being. The reporter learned that, in 13 projects launched last week, 7 projects have been sold, the remaining 6 projects, there are two real estate sales have exceeded 70%. Nanjing real estate market is evident.

in the evening of June 24th, Hefei issued the "notice" on further improving the regulation of the real estate market in Hefei, the decision from the credit limit, two or three housing Shoufu proportion, increase the amount of land and other aspects of regulation, since July 1st, will be officially implemented.

6 28, Nanjing branch Chinese Index Research Institute Cao Xudong told reporters that the Hefei policy will affect Nanjing real estate policy, but how and when the introduction of policies, it is still difficult to determine.

Nanjing real hot

cbiw to sort out the data show that in 2016 the Nanjing property market in May as an example, in May 2016, the primary market, Nanjing city (excluding Lishui, Gaochun area two) the transfer of commercial land 4, land area of 228 thousand and 900 square meters; turnover of 7 land, closing an area of 288 thousand and 300 square meters. Two market, in May 2016, the city of Nanjing (including Lishui, Gaochun district two) new commercial housing pre-sale of 15733 units, an increase of 47.31%, a decline of 1.08%. The subscription of residential units for 14407 units, a decline of 13.21%, an increase of 32.34%; turnover of units for 15769 units, an increase of 3.07%, an increase of 113.96%.

since 2015, Nanjing’s housing prices are on the rise. In January 2015, Nanjing prices average price of 13917 yuan / square meters, in 2016 January has risen to 17907 yuan / square meters, an increase of 28.6%, although the increase is not high, but as of April this year, Nanjing housing prices still reached 17233 yuan / square meter.

According to the

China real estate index system 100 city price index of new full sample survey data, the residential city in April 2016 to 100, the 100 National City (New) residential average price of 11467 yuan / square meters, up 1.45%, or 0.45 percentage points last month narrowed. It is worth noting that, in this list, Nanjing topped the list.

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