main business is hot, many operators will want to open a store, however, although this idea is good, but not necessarily the business will be able to make a fire. Recently, the Pudong District of Shanghai retail customers Li Zhiqiang sent a message that he had a friend to open a branch, but encountered how to choose the store, the estimated profit of the store and other issues, so the newspaper for help. Therefore, this edition invited two retail customers as he hopes to give advice and suggestions, and his friends have the same confusion of retail customers to help a friend.

friends would like to open stores, for nearly a year did not find a suitable place to store, fancy or already have counterparts and more than one, or just residential development, although there are some potential but a store period is too long, or lots of good transfer fees, but the rent is very expensive, big investment.

he wanted to ask how to find the store? In addition, through the street newspaper network, others introduced something else? How to accurately estimate the store turnover or profit? Previous assessment of the store business is based on feelings, luck, the fact that the experience and the actual difference is too large, often causing unnecessary losses.

– Pudong district retail customers Li Zhiqiang

site selection and management is equally important

Jiangsu Jinhu retail customers Ji Wenlan

store location first consider intersection junction. It takes time for you to use your spare time – no one is in the air!

A restaurant with

next to me, just a small set of facade, because of the well run business is booming gradually. After a small shop, a small box, a loss of some customers every day. The hotel owner intends to expand the facade, be next to the hotel is home, not an empty window. The hotel owner did not give up, he starts from the next several tenants 11 thoroughly, finally a household will house leased to the hotel.

originally, this household next door is the hotel’s box. Box every night a lot of noise, the impact of the household children’s learning. Thus, the tenants decided to rent the house to the hotel, find a quiet place to live.

choose the store at the same time also observe, visit the traffic, residents of the daily living standards and consumption habits. If the old transfer can Dundian observation, if it is visited; store rent, can make a rough count of the surrounding residents, estimate the minimum spending each year.

site is important, but the business is more critical. Take my store, seemingly small, neighboring peers have 5 stores, including stores.

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