please believe that success will be the way, if you have not succeeded, but you have not found a way. Millet’s success lies in seven words: focus, extreme, reputation, fast, coincidentally, the seven words are fundamental to wangshunge Bread Soaked in Fish Head Soup in Beijing, fifteen years of continuous hot.

a fresh Chibian days;

fifteen years of effort to build a road around


If a mobile phone millet the extreme difficulty index is 100, then a dish, especially as Bread Soaked in Fish Head Soup Taicai this extreme difficulty index of at least 5 times more than the millet mobile phone, because a mobile phone as long as the development to the extreme, can be standardized production, and a dish in order to achieve the ultimate, R & D and not the end point, in different shop made by different chefs are the same extreme delicacy, this is the ultimate ultimate.

The first is the

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