ravioli has a certain year in Chinese, so many well-known brands in the long wonton ravioli is a comparative historical sense of brand ravioli. The legend of "long ravioli" from around 1930, when Chen Libiao of Yueqing to Wenzhou to the wonton booth began operating, peddle. He made a fine, thin wonton skin, with appropriate salt, stuffing meat with fresh meat. The cover material is more exquisite, laver, egg silk, dried meat floss, soaked in wine especially small shrimp, Tang Qing bottomed out, the shape of flowers, delicious and refreshing, very popular. Because he is very tall, people called his "long wonton ravioli". Later, the brand gradually developed,

in order to meet the need, Chen Libiao of the wonton Tam is fixed and placed in the iron bar export business wells. In recent years, long ravioli in keeping its traditional basis, to complement the fillings, innovative products constantly, add shrimp wonton, wonton, wonton, yellow chicken beef ravioli, wonton can only be used to break the traditional meat stuffing to the idea, this is a special delicacy for lovers on spot wonton love people, is undoubtedly a kind of gospel. Is a well-known wonton brand, a lot of people and love this brand of wonton, so join the brand need what conditions?

joined the long ravioli what conditions

long ravioli join conditions:

1, entrepreneurial spirit, a strong desire for success and dedication, with modern management awareness.

2, there is a certain economic strength, with sufficient venture capital. The "long ravioli" enterprise culture mode of operation has profound understanding and identity, are willing to abide by the headquarters unified management mode and system.

3, the headquarters of a high degree of trust, people are willing to accept the wonton franchisee training and management headquarters.

4, no criminal and bankruptcy records, with the company’s development and expansion of the ideal.

long ravioli location:

town business district, industrial zone, super city, pedestrian street, school circle, station, airport, long ravioli join the store area:

1, long ravioli use area of 10 square meters.

2, long ravioli join the store wide not less than 2 metres.

3, open the door of the store door width of not less than 1.6 meters.

4, outer space facade width shall not be less than 2.5 meters.

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