since the shop, naturally want to make the business better, can bring more lucrative returns, however, there are a lot of shopkeepers blindly savings, leading to health damage. I heard a few days ago, an old friend lingshouhu, distressed because electricity, when a person himself in the shop keeper shop, reluctant to use air conditioning, plus to busy, leading to the elderly severe heat stroke and cause a heart attack, has been in the hospital for three days. This news, once again sounded the alarm to the majority of retailers!

summer, hot weather, people easily upset, plus people are generally up early late, many operators in the business to business time is relatively elongated, Qizaotanhei operation, as a result, although a little more sales of goods, but this day overdraft body, affect the health, the consequences are serious, because health is the greatest wealth and capital.

there is a saying, "people first half with life for money, life is money to buy". Indeed, in an increasingly rapid pace of life in today’s society, the increasingly fierce competition, like everyone tighten the spring alarm, stop rushing forward, in order to survive, the overdraft of their own body, but need to know is most in need of protection should not overdraft body, can earn money at any time. The body is only one, once lost, will no longer exist.

as a retailer can not take care of the disabled, with deep feeling for the importance of health, a young boy, holding with the knowledge to change the fate of mind, study hard in every case, although the academic performance has been among the best, but also paid a painful price. Finally one day, the body can not afford a serious overdraft, has completely collapsed, from then until now, for thirty years, and has been wheelchair. Until this time to understand a sentence: life, health is the only "one", the other is "zero", only the "one health", can increase behind numerous "zero", once there is no health of the "one", more zero is meaningless.

shop can make money, this is a fact that many people are recognized, then shop hard? I think this is also a lot of people recognized. As the retail shop business households, respectively, from dawn to dusk, daytime, no work, no holidays to enjoy, for business, every day overdraft body, media reports that young elite of death from overwork should be a wake-up call to us, to family happiness, we need to pay attention to and take care of their bodies, only healthy the "one" premise, can have the ability to create more slowly to zero". Therefore, we are in business, business to be more healthy profit!

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