region’s economic development, the government can not do without the correct decision. Yunnan Province recently issued a document to further promote the development of local e-commerce. At the same time, in order to actively encourage people to develop e-commerce, subsidies per household actually up to 7 digits.

19, the Kunming Municipal Bureau of Commerce forwarded "the Commerce Department of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Province Department of Finance on 2016 the province’s e-commerce grant funds to declare the work of the notice" shows: Yunnan province is to encourage and support the development of electronic commerce, the maximum subsidy per household total not more than 1 million yuan.

According to

"to accelerate the development of electronic commerce subsidy policy implementation rules of Yunnan Province in 2016" (hereinafter referred to as the "rules"), the scope of subsidies for registration in Yunnan Province, have an independent legal personality of the business, industry, agriculture and tourism enterprises to build or rely on third party e-commerce platform to carry out online sales, and the tax settlement in Yunnan province within three years, no illegal or subject to administrative punishment record enterprise.

need to be reminded that the enterprise through futures electronic trading, but did not occur in the actual product delivery and generate sales revenue of the transaction, does not belong to the scope of subsidies.

specific grants object, commerce, agriculture, and tourism enterprises included in the statistics of the main business income of 20 million yuan or more independent accounting industrial enterprises above the scale, self built or relying on the third party platform to carry out online sales. 2016 is expected to total annual sales of more than 5 million yuan, in accordance with the sales of the grant of subsidies, the maximum subsidy per household is not more than 1 million yuan total of $2%. However, the actual amount of subsidies by the state according to the city’s corporate reporting and the amount of funds to adjust the region.

2016 provincial e-commerce subsidy funds to declare the work has now begun. Declaration, in addition to the enterprise in accordance with the requirements of the detailed rules of reporting materials, but also to provide an audit by the accounting firm in 2016 1-4 months, the month of 2015 1-4 e-commerce sales audit report.

it is worth noting that the accounting firm must be approved by the city finance bureau public tender finalists. According to the "rules", declare subsidies enterprises, from 1 to April net sales reached 1 million 500 thousand yuan, 1–8 month net sales reached 3 million yuan, 1 to November net sales reached 4 million 500 thousand yuan, net sales grew more than 15%, estimated annual sales of more than 5 million yuan for the network.

is different from the past, the government procurement of services for application materials, commissioned by the Intermediary Organization experts to check the application materials and sales network, and issue the authenticity and effectiveness and compliance audit reports for business and financial sector decision-making.

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