family and many offices have sofa products, the essential products of modern Home Furnishing in life, so there are a lot of franchisees and hope that through the open sofa stores of wealth. Now the industry competition pressure, want to succeed in business, need to do what business? Novice investors to learn it quickly.

keep the attitude of occupation service, we generally in the pre-sale, sale of attitude will be very good, if you give her for a long time do not buy it off will be more or less some complaints; from the perspective of human nature is very normal, because the sofa stores efforts are recognized and no return of her people, inevitably angry; but today the sofa stores are in business, open a jewelry store to join the sofa long and successful operation of a jewelry store, it is necessary to overcome the weakness of human nature, so look to the long-term, I not only want to do her a business, but to let her become long-term customers sofa stores!

always pay attention to the latest information, now is the information society, various channels of information as long as the sofa stores want it can be found; the latest fashion magazine out what new sofa, now the hit TV drama actress with what these stores sofa sofa are going to understand, and can quickly find the source put it on the sofa stores container, together with the appropriate publicity, sofa stores still worry about shop no customers? Turnover do not go up


is to improve the turnover rate, we know that the general to visit the sofa shop usually just came to see, and did not intend to buy a sofa sofa stores; some people see their love of the sofa will immediately buy, we called the "shopping; and most of them even see love sofa do not buy, because they feel no need, unless the price is really cheap. Not everyone will use our products, so that the purchase of our sofa customers have such a sense of superiority!

sofa store is a very good choice, because many people have a demand for sofa. If you want to successfully attract customers, you need to make good use of products and services to open up for you, the above business advice for reference, I hope you can successfully tap into the wealth of the industry, enjoy countless profits.

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