is now a lot of shopkeepers in order to store profits, the product can not be sold quality assurance, resulting in a lot of customers will be deceived. In fact, the operation of the store in order to achieve long-term development, can not be separated from the customer’s trust and support. Only the immediate interests, resort to deceit, dumping inferior products, can only be short-lived business, is ultimately self defeating, smashed their shop signs, failed the. Therefore, the shop for more than and 10 years, I have always regarded the reputation and credibility of the store as the survival of the creed.


shop is located in a crossroads south of the main consumer groups who live in the shop is on the south side of the road to the district residents, and residents of the north side of the street are generally unwilling to cross the road, on the opposite side of a grocery store tobacco consumption. One afternoon, Wang, who lives on the north side of the road, came to my shop and bought a "Hongta mountain".

Wang is a frequent visitor to the shop opposite, this came to my shop shopping, to tell the truth, I was surprised. Later, when chatting with the king brother heard him speak, on the opposite side of the booming tobacco grocery store owner, I do not know from what channels to engage in a number of cheap alcohol, Xing Long Dian boss explained to Wang said, he sold to Wang’s cigarette is the reason the price is cheap, because Wang is in his shop and old customers, can enjoy preferential.

Wang can buy cigarettes to go back to taste, that taste is not right, with their own years of experience in smoking, the cigarette is definitely fake. Mr. Wang said: "the price of cigarette shop owner may be recycled. The dragons and fishes jumbled together I blame myself, cheap, bought a fake, but the shop owner did not yes, it seems that his shop also don’t know how many fake it! Well, anyway, I’ll never go to his house again!"

this thing also gave me a wake up. Product quality is a key factor to improve customer loyalty, prevent and reduce customer churn. For the shop, if the store sales of goods quality is not the same, those who experience the customer once the loss of confidence in the quality of goods, even if the store’s service and thoughtful, customers will not be coming to the store.

many bosses may have been the integrity of the business, but in a dishonest business based on the loss of customers. After all, the store in the hearts of customers has been marked the sale of inferior goods brand, no matter how the business is explained, it will not have much effect. Therefore, honest and trustworthy, to ensure the quality of goods is a prerequisite for store operations.

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