What are the features of the

catering location? Many people know that the shop location is very important. As a large number of food and beverage items of the audience, a good site for the store to win more customers. So, along with the small series together to explore the characteristics of the choice of restaurant!

1, business district location: in the city or the surrounding shopping malls to open a restaurant should be good. Because of the wide range of local shoppers, tourists are relatively rich. Although these people are shopping, but also some people need leisure and dining. For consumer shopping time is urgent, the restaurant business content should be in the form of Chinese and Western style. Because these groups do not pay attention to the price of food and cooking level in the dining process, the majority of dishes can be accepted. The most like dining environment, clean, comfortable, like the content of the new, strange, special, as well as innovative varieties of fashion, and there are optional. On this basis, the characteristics should be the biggest means to attract these consumer spending. So choose to open a restaurant in this area to join the restaurant chain, it is necessary to maximize the characteristics of the core competitiveness of the restaurant.

2, residential district location: in the residential community and the characteristics of the New District restaurant is also a very good location. At present, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the consumption of the restaurant has become a fashion, especially holiday family dinner, birthday feast is a common thing. In order to meet the residents needs of the dining area, the restaurant environment must be clean, chastity crisp, a variety of business requirements should be diversified, high quality, full amount of food, affordable and innovative, suitable for working-class demand. In the residential area to open a restaurant, should be in accordance with the relevant requirements of urban management, health and other departments to do as well as noise may bring inconvenience to the residents of life.

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