a small shop, two couples to take care of, which is a very common phenomenon in the current china. Some people may say that the husband and wife are restricted by the shop, in fact, if we can set up shop, really fun. Although my shop is very small, but a person sometimes open shop often busy phenomenon. To this end, my husband became my right-hand man.

is a husband and wife store, it is inevitable that there will be disadvantages and benefits. Like my store is sometimes a husband, and sometimes I was in the store, so there will always be a customer asked me: "the same commodity, why do you sell the same price two couples?". Such problems often arise, when the customer asked me questions such as this, I felt a. Because I shop prices are clearly marked, may sell the price of two, this is the customer’s trick, they want to bargain here.

for I will calm the situation, pretend to say: "if you feel shy, said that the last time in my husband hand buy is what the price, that may be the wrong sale price, because of all the goods into the back of the store is my last, since he lost the price, even if don’t you make up the difference," this time the customer because of psychological induction, and I will never feel shy, and the theory of bargaining things, but sincerely convinced of payment.

store some goods because they do not sell will appear when the price is not clear, at this time whether I am still in the store, we will call to ask the other side. Like the evening a few days ago I was at home to do housework, my husband phoned and asked me: "what brand of instant noodles FCL XX selling price?"

"the goods are usually more to the hotel, we wholesale to the hotel price you know ah."

"now is the alley neighbor, we gave him a box of 35 yuan can be?"

"yes, of course".

In fact, the

product has always been to the restaurant of the hotel sales, profit is very low, and even some of the goods is in accordance with the purchase price for them, in order to promote other goods run. In this foundation we give customers a slightly more profit, but the husband zuobulezhu is more afraid after I shop selling price is not unified with him, to do so make a phone call to consult me.

same-sex repulsion, opposites attract. To this end, we are two couples in the store, when they encounter a male customer to buy things, the husband will deliberately play computer games, or run to the store next door. When there are female customers to consume, I will pretend to be a consumer to look at the goods.

will meet the customer does not decide, I will help a helping hand. A >

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